1. 주 제 : Novel models of channel coordination: examples from Korea and china

2. 연 사 : Prof. Xuehao FENG (Ocean College, Zhejiang University)

3. 내 용 : This presentation consists of two parts.

            First, I will present a novel supply chain model with one supplier and multiple independent retailers based on the practice of several supply chains in China. The supplier distributes a newsvendor-type product to retailers with one vehicle in one trip. Without any coordinating contracts, the supplier may prefer a local optimal delivery route that cannot maximize the supply chain's profit. Despite overcoming well-known double marginalization, the supplier's route selection can obstruct supply chain coordination. We present a wholesale-price-and-carpooling contract to coordinate such a supply chain. We demonstrate supply chain coordination under such a contract and show that the profit along the supply chain can be arbitrarily allocated. We show that the popular revenue-sharing contract may lose flexibility in profit allocations. The results lend insight into the ways managers can select an appropriate contract to improve their profits.

            Second, I will present a channel model with point-sharing strategy. In Korea, many retailers from different industries are using point-sharing policy. Under such policy, customers can use the points obtained from one retailer when they purchasing products from other retailers who share points with that retailer. We propose the decision framework of retailers under such point-sharing policy. We show that the policy may bring a higher profit than the conventional market setting. Next, we discuss the retailers’ local optimal decision and the channel-wide optimal decision to reveal that pure policy-sharing policy may fail to maximize the channel-wide profit. Then, a target-rebate contract is proposed to coordinate such channel. It can be shown that such contract can maximize the total profit and arbitrarily split the profit among the retailers.

4. 일 시 : 2016년 4월 28일 (목) 오후 5시-6시

5. 장 소 : 39동 325호

6. 문 의 : 문일경교수 (ikmoon@snu.ac.kr)