1. 주 제 : Optimization & Analytics in the Process Industry

2. 연 사 : Dr. F. Engineer & Dr. K. Kwon (Optimization & Analytics Lab., SK Innovation)

3. 내 용 :

       Part 1)
          Title: Production Planning with Blending & Pooling: Solving Large Scale Production Planning Problems in the Process Industry
          Abstract: Production planning is a key component of managing the supply chain of any manufacturing business. The process industry has certain unique characteristics that make optimizing production planning particularly challenging. Modeling the blending of liquids in pooled storage is especially challenging due to the resulting nonlinearities. We will discuss current state-of-the art strategies for solving these problems and encouraging future research possibilities.
       Part 2)
          Title: Data Analytics in the Process Industry
          Abstract: Data analytics is one of the hottest business agenda these days. Many people believe that it matters only to fast changing business such as high-tech industry, or consumer goods industry. However, oil and petro chemical industry, which is considered as a slow moving industry, have been heavily using data analytics technologies as their core business competency. In this talk, we will present why and how the industry use various data mining technologies throughout its key value chain from exploration & production, material analysis, process control, market prediction, and risk management.

4. 일 시 : 2016년 5월 26일 (목) 오후 4시-5시반

5. 장 소 : 39동 325호

6. 문 의 : 이경식교수 (ikmoon@snu.ac.kr)