1. 주 제 : Attention Biases in Social Networks: How Non-Brokers Can (But Usually Do Not) Improve Their Performance By Paying Attention to Brokers

2. 연 사 : Prof. LUKE RHEE (이승현) (New York University)

3. 내 용 : Using survey data on communication networks among software engineers at a mobile service company, this study shows that people do not pay as much attention to information coming from brokers (i.e. ones who communicate with people who do not talk to each other) as they do to other communication partners. However, our analysis also finds that individuals who pay more attention to brokers than they do to other communication partners receive higher performance ratings on project-based work than individuals who pay little (or no) attention to the brokers among their communication partners. The juxtaposition of these findings suggests that there exists a mismatch between who people normally do pay attention to among network colleagues and who they should be paying attention to if they wish to improve their performance ratings in the workplace. With respect to their performance ratings, individuals have a systematic attention bias against information coming from brokers. We discuss the implications of these findings for research on attention and social networks in an organization.

Keywords: Attention Bias, Performance Rating, Second-Hand Brokerage

4. 일 시 : 2016년 7월 22일 (금) 오전 11시

5. 장 소 : 39동 325호

6. 문 의 : 문일경교수 (ikmoon@snu.ac.kr)