1. 주 제 : Vertex Nomination Via Local Neighborhood Matching

2. 연 사 : 박영서 박사 (Johns Hopkins university)

3. 내 용 : Let G1 and G2 be two graphs on potentially different vertex sets such that a subset of the vertices of G1 correspond to a subset of the vertices of G2. Given vertices of interest in G1, we seek to identify the corresponding vertices, if any exist, in the second network G2. In moderately sized networks, graph matching can be applied directly to recover the correspondences. In this paper, we present a principled methodology appropriate for situations in which the networks are too large for brute-force graph matching. Our methodology identifies vertices in the neighborhood of the vertices of interest in the first network that have verifiable corresponding vertices in the second network. Leveraging these known correspondences, referred to as seeds, we match the induced subgraphs in each network generated by the neighborhoods of these verified seeds, and rank the vertices of the second network in terms of the most likely matches to the original vertices of interest. We demonstrate the applicability of our methodology through theory, simulations, and real data examples.

4. 일 시 : 2017년 01월 04일 (수) 오전 10:30

5. 장 소 : 39동  325호

6. 문 의 : 조성준교수 (zoon@snu.ac.kr)